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Why Should You Dedicate
a Star to Someone?


  • Select one from “Name A Star” or “Name A Couple Star” package and choose from exciting and beautiful “Star Maps” that we have specially designed for you.
  • Select the category of the star like - Normal or Shining or Sparkling.
  • Mention the name of the recipient, a short personal message, and date.
  • Select whether you would like to receive the “Star Map” copy digitally or need a physical copy instead.
  • If you go with Digital Copy via Email - you will receive the Star Map digital copy in your email within 24 hours. You can also select the option to receive the Certificate of Registration where you can write a detailed message.
  • If you select a Physical Copy, then you would need to select the size and frame for the Star Map. You will then get the option to write a detailed personalized message on the “Certificate of Registration”. (You can only frame the Star Map. The Certificate of Registration will be sent to you on high-quality A4 size matte paper. You will also receive a tracking number to track your order within 48 hours.
  • Fill in the shipping address and proceed for the payment. You can use PayPal or any debit/credit card to complete the purchase.

Your precious moment captured in a Frame. We make beautiful custom designed star map certificate on premium quality frame art prints that shows your unique star, which you can name in the name of your loved ones. You can frame this star map and gift it on any occasion like birthdays, anniversary, wedding, the birth of a child etc..

Imagine giving a materialistic gift like a watch, perfume, clothes, etc. to your loved one which has a high value attached to it, but with time the importance may reduce. By Naming a Star in the name of your loved one, you are not only gifting them something unique but also out of this world, the importance of which will always remain and remembered. You can frame and hang this star map in the living room or bedroom and every time the other persons see it, they will smile and remember you.


Offer Includes:

Star Map (Beautifully designed map which shows your star)

Certificate of Registration (It verifies the authenticity of your certificate)

Registration (Your unique star will be registered in the registry(

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Name A Star

My shiniest Star in the Universe.

$30 $25
Buy a star

Name A Couple Star

I dedicate these stars to us.

$50 $45
Buy a star

Why Choose Us


The star you will name will be registered in the Registry. You will be given a unique registration number, which will also appear in your certificate and you can view your record anywhere in the world, at any time through our Star Finder Page.


We only Name Live Stars for you that are clearly visible from any place on earth throughout the year! You can clearly see your constellation in the certificate and accordingly look for your STAR in the sky.


If you buy a star and are not satisfied, or if the recipient of the gift is not happy with the star naming, we will refund you the full purchase price.


Our customer care experts are available to assist you all the time. You can contact us anytime on our 24/7 Livechat or by E-Mail but sometimes due to high volume, we may not be able to answer you or reply to you so please leave your name and email address in the chat and we will get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

With each star naming, you get exclusive access to our “Find Your Star” page. With the help of your registry number, you can easily see your named star on any device. Enter your registry number in the search field and it shows you which star was named.

When selecting the Physical Option, a physical gift pack will be sent via courier to the address of your choice. The Email option is a completely digital gift. You will receive the Star Map in jpeg format in your email within 24 hours, once you complete the purchase.

For Digital copy - you will receive the “Star Map” copy in your email, along with a “Certificate of Registration” once you complete the payment process.

For Physical Copy - you will receive the physical delivery (worldwide) of “Star Map” and “Certificate of Registration” within 4 to 6 working days. You will also receive a tracking number in your email with all physical deliveries within a maximum up to 48 hours.

Yes, you can easily personalize the certificates by simply naming the recipient with your personal message and date. There are many customers who prefer us for personalized anniversary, birthday and memorial gifts without any second thoughts.

It is the fact that you can give a name to a real star that can actually be seen in the sky. Naming a star and registering it through the service we provide in fact means that this record would be listed in our Star Registry database and will be audited by our team. The proof of ownership of this record is guaranteed by the Certificate of Registration we would issue and send to You. You can view your star anytime in our “Find Your Star” page and would be listed in our registry only under your ownership and will never have availability to be registered by other person.

We make beautifully designed star certificates, personalized and chosen by you. Our Star Maps are the perfect gift to commemorate special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other moments that make life so special.

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